About us

Electric Equipment Magnetec born in 1990, since its inception has been a thriving and entrepreneurial company, growing with the steps the years, providing our customers, equipment and products first manufactured in the USA, England, Holland, Germany and Australia.

Our company offers pressure systems, pumps and power of any kind for any use special systems, fire systems, Wet, treatment plants, mixers, blower, water treatment plants drinking water treatment plants and wastewater and sewage systems electrical protection systems include amperometric, symmetrical or asymmetrical voltage, stationary power systems, electric power systems of special and high voltage.

Over the years Magnetec Electric Equipment is set in the Panamanian market.

As a serious and responsible company, we continue to strive to acquire knowledge preparing for today, today and tomorrow, and so our customers feel safe
Satisfied with our work.

Therefore we give thanks to our customers and partners who have supported us in these 21 years of hard work and dedicated to strengthening our country Panama.


Electric Equipment Magnetec is a special teams and our mission is to offer our customers products and systems with the highest quality and standard of international market, with the support and guarantee our equipment.

In this way we factor of growth and sustainable development of our country our economy in the construction industry, maritime, port, agriculture, general industry
And municipal.


The view of our company is to be a solid pillar of support in the progress of our market in Central America and Panama.
Motivates us to offer our customers the best technology and products that will work better, free of problems.
We continue to expand horizons with a view to the future, progress in


The sustainable growth of our company for the benefit of our Country and the Central American countries as well as providing vocational guidance, for the benefit of our customers.
"Call center engineering for tomorrow" is the motto of our company which we identify.